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Read And Respect!!!


Postby H_T_P » Wed May 05, 2010 12:15 am

i) No cracks,serial, keygens are allowed in this forum.

ii) No crack,serial,keygen requests are allowed in this forum.

iii) No racist, porn, or any other thing irrelevant with Reverse Engineering and/or programming is allowed in this forum.

iv) No flames, trolls...are allowed in this forum. Solve your personal matters using private messages.

v) You must always give credits to the author of an article in case you post it in this forum.

vi) You may post a tool in the appropriate category, only and if only it is a freeware.

vii) We don't answer to private messages unless they have to do with administration issues, such as possible problems with an account.

viii) Before posting any question, check if somebody else has already asked about it.

ix) Before posting any question, think about it very well, and make sure it makes sense.

PS: The above list can be changed, updated and/or modified without further notice. Being here it is a privilege not a right. The administrator keeps the right to ban any user at any time if the user does not follow the rules.

If you behave as I say, I will treat you as you want but if you behave as you say, then I will treat you as I want...
I have Inlined Truth into Well-Packed lies. (Hack_ThE_PaRaDiSe)
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