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About us..

About us..

Postby H_T_P » Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:07 am

This website is based on personal effort that rises from the love and respect towards the world of Reverse Engineering.

The information provided in this website is free of charge and there is no attempt to exploit the many from the few in any case.

Regarding the references to commercial applications that are placed in several articles, we have to point out that there is no will to harm anyone ethically or financially.
The moment you are reading these words, the companies have already updated the corresponding applications with newer versions.

The aim of this website it is not only to inspire the wannabe reverser, but also to show to the professional programmer the various methods that are used in nowadays in order to crack a commercial application so that in the end he will be able to avoid common mistakes and protect his application in a more efficient way, guided also by practical examples over various Anti-Reversing techniches.

Furthermore, through the articles that you will find in our website you will get to know many useful tools and you will become familiar with the use of a Disassembler-Debugger that is extremely useful for the code analysis of an application at which we do not have access at its source.
This is very important for those that would like to work on malware analysis and/or software exploitation in the future.


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