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RoD v1.0 (D3m0) Build 1.0

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RoD v1.0 (D3m0) Build 1.0

Postby H_T_P » Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:20 pm

Here it is a first Demo release of RoD.

RoD gives an easy and quick access to all major points of interest regarding a process.

In Addition with the tools that are going to be added in the Underground section the possibilites will keep growing up...

The demostration version does not include all the Underground Section tools, which are going to be released very soon.

Read the documentation text file for general info and instructions regarding RoD. System Accessories/Tools are defined according to windows Vista/7 OS.
However, some of them will be launched also in XP systems.

System Requirements:

Windows 32-bit XP SP3/Vista/7

Not Completely Tested yet on 64-bit systems, but it should work ok...

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PS: This executable is packed, hence your anti-virus could trigger a false alarm. We guarantee that there is no virus in any of our tools.
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